KATSJ Programs

Here at KATSJ, we offer a number of different programs that bring kids together and give them a chance to have fun while developing their physical, emotional, and social skills. We also aim to nurture their spiritual growth by teaching them about the Bible and discussing how faith is a fundamental part of a healthy person’s life. 

Our weekly and occasional events give KATSJ kids a chance to have fun, build relationships with each other, and interact with our passionate and well-trained volunteers.

KATSJ Children’s Church

Our Sunday morning Children’s Church program gives kids the chance to hear more about Jesus and learn about the Bible in a fun, relationship-focused atmosphere. There are three areas, each catering to a different age group:

  • Pico (Ages 0-2) – The Blue Hall
  • Nano (Ages 3-5) – The White Hall
  • Giga (Ages 6-10) – The Red Hall

All Children’s Church programs meet at 11:00 am on Sundays at Kirken i Kulturcenteret, located at Drejervej 15, Nørrebro.


Some kids require extra care, attention, and patience. KATSJ Plus is our Sunday morning Children’s Church program for kids with special needs. 

It takes place at 11:00 am every Sunday at Kirken i Kulturcenteret.

KATSJ Online

KATSJ Online gives kids a chance to interact and learn about the Bible in a virtual setting. 

New episodes are published weekly on our YouTube channel.

Baby Salmasang

Baby Salmesang taps into the incredible power of music and song to help new parents connect with their babies.

It takes place on Fridays from 9:30 – 11:30 am at the Lygten Børnehave on Drejervej 15, Nørrebro.

Friends and Family

Every Wednesday, families of all backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs come together at Cafe Kant to share a free meal, build connections, and get the help they need to thrive in Denmark. 

KATSJ volunteers build relationships and run social activities for the children after the meal.

Wednesdays at 16:00, Main Hall Lobby, Drejervej 15, Nørrebro

KATSJ Community Events

KATSJ runs a number of different activities to bring the people of Nordvest together for food, fun, and friendship.

  • Fastelavn 
  • The Party 
  • Halløj i Mimersparken
  • New Year’s Eve

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