KATSJ Parent Resources

Practical and inspirational materials for children, parents, and families

KATSJ partners with local and global organizations to provide the best possible programs to the kids we work with—and equip parents with helpful resources and tools.

You’ll find many inspirational and practical guides, programs, articles, videos, podcasts, and much more at the links below.

KATSJ Child Protection Policy

The safety and wellbeing of children in our care is our highest priority at KATSJ. We abide by the principles found in Respectful Socializing in Children’s and Youth Ministry. This guiding paper, produced by Frikirkenet.dk, is available for download in both English or Danish.

Parenting for Faith

Parenting for Faith is a UK-based ministry that equips parents to raise God-connected children and teens. Their site contains hundreds of articles on a wide variety of topics, as well practical tools to assist with Christian parenting. There are also free online courses and a 20-minute podcast series for you to listen to while on the go.

Børn og Tro

Børn og Tro exists to make faith accessible at a child’s level. Børn og Tro curriculum is used for the school-age children who attend Giga, our Children’s Church program for kids ages 6 to 12; so if you would like to preview our teaching material, you can do so here. There are also some free resources available and a brief overview of the teaching philosophy of “head, hearts, and hands”.


Scandinavia is our local Christian publishing house, with a storage facility housed in the same building as KATSJ. They have a wide range of bibles, devotionals, children’s books, as well as e-books and audio-books. We encourage you to source your Christian reading material here.

Family Laboratory

The Family Laboratory is part of Dansk Oase and supports children and families by highlighting best practices, arranging inspirational events, and facilitating networking activities. The Family Laboratory website contains a blog and helpful resources to support you in your parenting.

Global Leadership Summit

KATSJ is a strong supporter of the Global Leadership Summit, and our workers have often volunteered at and attended the Danish version hosted at Kirken i Kulturcenteret. KATSJ parents can access the Summit’s on-demand material, which is designed to inspire and equip you to lead in the church, at your workplace, and in your home.

Novia.dk is the official reseller of the Global Leadership Network’s inspirational material.

Frikirke for Alle

KATSJ Children’s Church operates within the context of a Free Church. This downloadable PDF explains what the Free Church is in Denmark and what it means for our organization and the families that attend.

Tro I Familien

This downloadable book from The Family Laboratory helps parents find creative ways to discuss their faith and overcome challenges as you pass on your faith.

Open Doors

Open Doors have produced a series of cartoons with themes of hope, faith, and forgiveness that can help children to gain a healthy perspective on their own lives and faith in Jesus.

Danish Church Media Centre

The Danish Church Media Centre contains a variety of films, stories, and games for children and families, including the renowned stories from “Sigurd and Snapper” such as Sigurd Tells Bible Stories, Sigurd’s Stories About Being, and Stories of the Injustice of the World.

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