KATSJ Community Events

Bringing Nørrebro together for food, fun, and friends

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Community Events are currently on hold. We hope to continue running these popular gatherings as soon as possible and permitted by the Danish authorities.


Fastelavn is a nationally recognized celebration with deep roots in Danish history. We believe it’s important to celebrate the diversity of our neighborhood and also share Danish traditions and celebrations. Our Fastelavn party encourages local children to learn about Danish culture and connect with other kids and families. 

KATSJ Fastelavn has activities for every age level. All children are encouraged to dress up in costumes. Among other activities, every kid will have the chance to “hit the cat in the barrel” (slå katten af tønden). We also sing songs, eat Fastelavn buns, and learn about the history of holiday.

Fastelavn most often takes place in February each year.

The Party

Easter is one of the most important holidays for Christians. At KATSJ, we love to throw a big party for the entire community in order to celebrate it properly. We call this extraordinary event The Party.

The Party transforms the entire Kirken i Kulturcenteret building, creating spaces for all kinds of exciting and engaging experiences. A buffet-style feast is held in the church basement, complete with a newsworthy kagebord, or cake table (and yes, it’s been featured on Danish news!). Local food trucks also show up to share their delicious fare. 

We also partner with the København Zoo, who bring all kinds of creepy, crawly, and fuzzy friends for kids to hold, pet, and enjoy. Camel and donkey rides round out the experience. 

The Party most often takes place in late March or early April, aligned with Easter. In 2021, we’ll host The Party on Sunday, 4 April. 

The Party

Sunday, April 4, 2021 (on hold due to COVID—stay tuned)
1:00 pm (begins immediately after the Easter service, which is open to the public)
Kirken i Kulturcenteret, Drejervej 15

Halløj i Mimersparken

Summertime is the perfect time to be outside, and we take advantage of that in a big way! While kids are on summer break from school, we have a great way for them to beat the boredom, meet new friends, and get their energy out. 

At Halløj i Mimersparken, we cram an entire week full of outdoor activities in Nørrebro. Come and join us for music, face painting, jumping in our enormous bouncy castle, water fights, sports competitions, tasty treats, and much more.

Halløj i Mimersparken

Monday – Friday during summer break
Dates/Times to be announced
Mimersparken, Nørrebro

New Year’s Eve Party

There’s nothing quite like a Danish New Year. While the popular saying does ring true, our New Year’s Eve events are hardly ever “the same procedure as last year.” We like to keep things festive, fun, and fresh—with a focus on family togetherness.

And families of all kinds will want to join in as we celebrate in style. We share a traditional meal together, watch the Queen’s speech, run special activities for younger children, and then toast to the new year. Finally, we gather on the roof of the Kulturcenter’s five-story building to watch the always-impressive Copenhagen fireworks.

KATSJ New Year’s Eve Party

December 31st at 6:00 pm 
Kirken i Kulturcenteret, Drejervej 15, Nørrebro

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