KATSJ Online

Community and learning at a distance

Our goal at KATSJ is to create a safe, stable, and engaging environment for kids to learn about the Bible and each other—no matter where they are. 

As a core part of our Children’s Church program, KATSJ Online allows children to interact and learn about Jesus from their home or on the go. We’ve partnered with Copenhagen Media Facility (CMF) to create a series of high-energy videos that teach children faith-based principles using stories, songs, and humor.

Every week, a new episode of KATSJ Online is uploaded to our YouTube channel. KATSJ kids are invited to watch the video and then share their comments, reactions, and questions in the comments.

KATSJ Online includes recorded Children’s Church content and occasional video calls where kids can interact during an episode premiere. There are also special series such as Uncle Åge’s Treasure Hunt and the Advent Calendar special “En Fortælling”.  

Click below to watch KATSJ Online videos and subscribe to our channel

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