KATSJ Children’s Church – Giga

Children grades 0 to 4

The Red Hall, Drejervej 15

Sundays at 11:00 am

Giga attendees can look forward to a morning filled with music, high-energy activities, and a whole lot of fun. 

From the moment your 6- to 10-year-old enters the room, they’ll be surrounded by friends, our team of highly trained volunteers, and a warm, engaging atmosphere. 

A typical Sunday at Giga starts with enrollment and check-in at 10:40 am, 20 minutes before the official program kickoff. When parents drop off their kids, they’re welcome to hang out in our room—the Red Hall—to help their kids get settled and to get to know our volunteer team. 

We kick things off with a bang at 11:00 am with singing (and a little dancing), followed by friendly competitions and stories from the Bible. Finally, we split into groups by age, so the kids can get to know each other better and build new friendships. 

Giga ends at 12:20 pm. Parents are asked to pick up their children by 12:30 pm.

Some of Giga kids’ favorite activities include:

  • Building with Lego
  • Drawing, painting, and coloring
  • Making jewelry or key chains
  • Playing football 
  • Snack time

Giga is co-led by Pernille Grejsen and Amalie Flyger, both local educators.

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